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Massimo Uberti: luoghi per abitanti poetici

“Massimo Uberti – Luoghi per abitanti poetici” un documentario di Elisa Cipolla, Sara Muzzolon, Ludovica Regalin LUCES, la docuserie di Light Art ideata e coordinata da Gisella Gellini e Cecilia Brianza.

Progetto di

Massimo Umberti


This website is DYNAMIC!

This website follows the circandian cycle: its graphics will make you experience different color temperatures from sunrise to sunset, simulating with you the dynamism of sunlight.

Coming back to polliceilluminazione.it at different times of the day, you will discover that it is never the same: its lighting is synchronized with the external lighting of natural light, which occurs at that precise time.

Try to simulate the different moments of the day by clicking the corresponding buttons in the footer of our site in the “CIRCADIAN CYCLE CONTROL” section!