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The website polliceilluminazione.it is dynamic

This website follows the circandian cycle: its graphics will make you experience different color temperatures from sunrise to sunset, simulating with you the dynamism of sunlight.

Coming back to polliceilluminazione.it at different times of the day, you will discover that it is never the same: its lighting is synchronized with the external lighting of natural light, which occurs at that precise time.

Try to simulate the different moments of the day by clicking the corresponding buttons in the footer of our site in the “CIRCADIAN CYCLE CONTROL” section!

“today, high technology and creativity are the tools that allow us to control light as an environmental factor and to intervene in the prevention and treatment of the ailments associated with it”

the circadian cycle

the alteration of our circadian rhythms affects our state of health, causing important physical and mental problems including fatigue, insomnia, lack of appetite, lack of attention, listlessness, seasonal mood disorders and depressions.

In 2017 three American researchers, Jeffrey C Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W Young, were awarded with the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discoveries on the molecular mechanisms that control the circadian rhythm. This has highlighted a belief, already known since 2000: the fundamental correlation between light and health.

the natural connection between external biological rhythms – for example those linked to the regular sequence of seasons and to the movement of terrestrial rotation – and the biological ones, internal to the human organism – among them the most important is the alternation of the production of the hormones cortisol and melatonin, (the first with the light of the morning and the second in the evening, with dusk) – identifies the light as a fundamental regulator of these rhythms

light is the activator of the biological clock, the synchronizer of the biological rhythms of the human being and of those of the earth

Each time we expose ourselves to artificial lighting, and today this happens most of the time, we need that it respects the characteristics of natural light.

Artificial light must simulate sunlight. For example, it must change in intensity and color with the passing of the hours of the day and it must become dynamic, since it is the luminous perception that we have through the retina that will inform our brain about where we are and how we should behave, at that exact moment, within the universe, on the earth and in the time. That luminous information will tell us if it is day or night, and at that moment it will activate behaviors and precise functions, regulate the release of cortisol or melatonin, raise or lower the body temperature, make us hungry or tell us that it’s time to go to to sleep…

“If we expose ourselves to an incorrect illumination, if the light will say to our brain that it’s daytime when instead it’s night, everything will be turned upside down, and we will no longer be synchronized with the earth and the universe”