"it’s important to do things well, with regard to tradition but also with a look to technology and always having excellence, quality and health as objectives"

lighting consulting and design

in the 7 research areas for the correct use of light: living, welcome, attract, work, live, design, art.

production of special light contract lamps

decorative and architectural, for interiors and outdoor, handcrafted with innovative technology.

collaboration with artists, architects, designers

international personalities in the production and certification of lamps, design objects, bright artworks, light sculptures and author lamps, also in limited editions:
Gio Ponti, Florencia Costa, Stevan and Milena Tesic, Massimo Uberti.

the lighting project in details:

  1. analysis of architectural project, state of affairs and lighting requirements
  2. research of an original concept in sinergy with the architectural project, the client and the architect requests
  3. search for technically advanced and economically advantageous solutions
  4. definition of the light sources and of the types of lighting fixtures and their positioning
  5. drafting of a project, from preliminary to executive phase
  6. design of lighting devices and systems
  7. works and yard management
  8. detailed calculation of the material related to the identified lighting systems, analysis and cost evaluation of different alternatives, in order to optimize the costs of the plant
  9. research and supply of custom made devices